Bryan Crane

While working as a mortgage banker for 10 years of his life, owner Bryan Crane has a food bloodline in him that was bound to surface. His father being a renown food broker in the US and Overseas, and his step-father being a grocery Store and catering company owner.

After having his first child and getting married, Crane was determined to do something different with his life as mortgage became more of a burden than a occupation. Steve and Deborah Bianchini, Crane’s mom and step-father owned “Bianchini’s The Sandwich and Salad Market” and were ready to retire. Crane, curious about the business decided to work there to see if he liked it. He loved it and decided to purchase from his family.

Crane, who is very much into healthy food and lifestyle, realized that this business that was just 2 years old had the ability to be the healthy choice for lunch. Next, his goal was to create a model that was scalable, customer service orientated, and tasty. His goal was clear to take over a business, make it grow and prove its need in the community. With that goal in hand, Bianchini’s The Sandwich and Salad Market opened its first store Petaluma in 2008, and its second store in Santa Rosa in 2013, and was welcomed by everyone with a tremendous following.